SmartCare: New feed for BioMar Chile, hoping for success

Starting this month in Chile, BioMar is promoting its new nutritional solution for feeding fish: SmartCare.

According to the press release, “this is a comprehensive health strategy that, through food research and development, collaboration with the health team and technical team support, provides the opportunity to grow more robust fish in the face of specific challenges. of the different aquaculture environments of the industry “.

Thus, SmartCare RESIST, focuses on the reinforcement of external and internal barriers, promoting an adequate immune response; SmartCare ASSIST, improves the proper mechanisms of fish protection to face specific health problems; SmartCare CONTROL, strengthens the circulatory system for immunity effects and promotes faster recovery in case of disease, decreasing tissue damage, according to BioMar.

SmartCare facilitates protection against pathogens only when necessary, says BioMar. Together with the technical and health specialists of BioMar, it is possible to create a program of specialized medical attention adapted to individual needs.

“With SmartCare we are confident that we are making available to the industry the best offer of functional diets to resist, assist and control various challenges, together with the best technical team capable of managing health problems; on the basis of clinical nutrition and specialized support for specific critical problems or situations “, explains the commercial manager of BioMar Chile, Francisco Valdés.

Image of Francisco Valdés BioMar Chile
Francisco Valdés, BioMar Chile

“We trust that with this new definition and standardization of products globally, we can continue to contribute to the health of fish from prevention, assistance and control of the problems, innovating in raw materials and technology”, complements the Product Manager Agua Mar, Oscar Berríos.

Additionally, BioMar has been working with medicinal solutions, Vetcare, that complement the work of SmartCare, with emphasis on the animal welfare of fish, within the framework of a more robust population and less susceptible to health challenges.

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