SalMar: MariCulture AS obtains eight permits

SalMar's Ocean Farm 1
SalMar: Ocean Farm 1

MariCulture AS applied for 16 permits for the development of the Smart Fish Farm concept and eight permits of 780 metric tons of maximum biomass have been approved, by Norway’s Directorate of Fisheries.

Smart Fish Farm Structure

The concept is based on a semi-submersible steel structure consisting of a center column and a surrounding framework of pipe rods mainly with circular cross-sections. The framework stretches out the netting panels that provide a total of eight separate chambers.

The total aquaculture volume of the chambers is 510,000m3 and operates at a depth of 45m. According to the company, there will be room for two permits of 780 tons per chamber.

On Target Offshore Aquaculture

SalMar acquired a 51% share in MariCulture AS last year and they aim to establish the deep-water mooring in the Norwegian Sea off the coast of Trøndelag. This way, the deep-water mooring can be part of the company’s extensive industrial infrastructure in this region.

The center column with a diameter of 42 meters shall accommodate living quarters for personnel, control rooms, feeding tanks, technical rooms, generator rooms, storage space, rooms/areas allocated to fish processing equipment, research laboratory and a system for mortality collection.

The Directorate of Fisheries stated that the application did not provide grounds for allocating more than eight permits to the project.

Great opportunities for sustainable growth in aquaculture

By its commitment to eight development licenses for MariCulture AS, Salmar reports in a press release that the Directorate of Fisheries has provided an important handshake to leading Norwegian aquaculture and marine technical environments which for the first time will make it possible to establish farming in the open sea.

The permits will strengthen Norway’s position as a global leader in offshore aquaculture. MariCulture will now proceed with the realisation of the Smart Fish Farm which has an investment framework that is estimated at approx. NOK 1.5 billion. There is still considerable engineering work to be carried out before the new large cage can be built and put into use.

Technology vs Biology

The goal is to establish the unit in the open sea off the Trøndelag coast, in heavily exposed sea areas. Something similar has never been tried before, and an important aspect will be to test the interaction between technology and biology in the exposed environment, the company said.

The Directorate of Fisheries laid down detailed requirements and measurement criteria that MariCulture will aim to fulfil. In its commitment, the Directorate specifies how the concept of the Smart Fish Farm differs from the existing ocean mooring, Ocean Farm 1. It will withstand more exposed areas and have twice the capacity. But the main difference is that the middle of the facility will be equipped with a closed pillar for processing fish, control and control of the unit, as well as an advanced system for transporting fish associated with eight surrounding production chambers.

Natural Environment Aids Salmon Production

Salmar points out that the unit will unite important environmental properties through open and closed technology.

Smart Fish Farm will be highly protected from the environmental impact of other plants, in the outer ocean currents in exposed areas without limitations throughout the Norwegian coast. At the same time, all treatment of fish will take place in closed environments without emissions. The project will have great significance for Norwegian aquaculture’s competitiveness in the long term as well. Billions of dollars are currently being invested in land-based farming in the US and other large markets for Norwegian salmon. Land-based farming can be operated throughout much of the world, without the natural advantages of producing Atlantic salmon in its natural environment in open sea along the Norwegian coast.

Salmar writes that MariCulture AS will now put in all the necessary resources to realise Smart Fish Farm, in close cooperation with leading Norwegian experts in the environmental fields.

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