Permission to board the “Norwegian Gannet”

The world’s largest floating salmon processor

As the “Norwegian Gannet” lay moored at Bryggen in Bergen, the eye-catching vessel attracted over a few hundred people to view its bridge, harvest and machinery room, living room and booth, as well as a cinema and lounge with bar.

Better conditions for the fish

Carl-Erik Arnesen, HavLine’s CEO, says, ” they are very proud of this innovative construction.”

Arnesen has previously stated that they want a 100-piece personnel divided into two shifts. One shift consists of personnel of 45-50 pieces. In addition, the company will have some employees on land in Denmark and in Norway. The company has employed two captains, one at each shift. One is from Åsane, and the other is from Aukra outside Molde.

” The Norwegian Gannet” is the world’s first slaughter boat, which will take the fish directly from the fish farm,

The “Norwegian Gannet” ready for operation

slaughter it on the vessel, and transport it to the market,” says Arnesen proudly wearing his HavLine uniform.

Equipped with 14 large lubricators, it has a significantly larger capacity than any proccesing plant in Norway. Theoretically, the “Norwegian Gannet” has a harvesting capacity of 160,000 tonnes of salmon per year.

“The advantage of slaughtering on board is that we do everything in operation. We save on handling time. I think that the welfare of the fish will be better, with less waste and the fish get to market faster.”

Shortening the process

Furthermore, he states that, “As we get the product cooled down so quickly , I think we will be able to achieve seven days longer shelf life. It will amount to about 30% longer shelf life.”

When the vessel comes into operation, it will travel between the fish farms along the west coast in Hirtshals, Denmark. The salmon is taken directly from the cages in Norway to Hirtshals, where it is to be packed and dispatched to the markets.

Source: Ole Andreas Drønen and Therese Soltveit


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