Nova Austral acquire Stengel salmon sites

Nova Austral maps
Nova Austral: Salmon sites

Nova Austral adds four new farming licenses in the Magallanes.

In a report, Nova Austral expects to produce over 30,000 tonnes – doubling its Magallanes production.

The sites include one in the Beagle Channel, which they do not intend to occupy, and another three in the Picton Pass.

The Chilean salmon farmer and processor is jointly owned by Scandinavian fund Altor and US fund Bain Capital.

In a press release, it was implied that the Stengel family may be leaving the salmon farming business altogether.

However, in February, it was reported that the Stengel family backed the USD 2.5 million dollars Inversiones Pelícano’s multimillion Chilean Antartic salmon farming project, planned in the municipality of Río Verde, Magallanes, as it entered its environmental assessment stage.

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