Insect feed market: stringent EU regulations

Stringent regulations regarding the usage of insects as aquaculture feeds is likely to hamper the insect feed market. Europe banned the utilization of insects as livestock feed after the outbreak of mad cow disease in the British Isles. After 2013, Europe allowed the use of insect feed for aquaculture under rigid restrictions. The administrations across the globe are evaluating rulebooks and guidelines for insect feeds as an alternative as conventional feeds for commercial applications.

Currently, about 3 billion people rely on fish for 20% of their animal protein intake. Fish consumption has increased by 100% over the last 50 years. Sustainable fishing can be a key aspect for meeting future demand for feeding supply.

EU regulations restrict insect feed market

However, edible insects carry major nutritional value and can deliver higher protein levels per weight in a sustainable way.

Insect-derived feeds and insect harvesting have potential demand for commercial uses promising advantage of optimum resource utilization. Insect feeding market can create considerable growth opportunities for feed suppliers and insect farmers.

Adoption of insect feed in the ecosystem is expected to increasing decline of the feed costs for both farms and suppliers. Early investors and adopters can create a platform for the market, thereby capturing a significant share of the market during the forecast period.

By Pragati Pathrotkar

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