Innovative algal oil developed for salmon feed

Lingalaks have used a new algae oil in their salmon feed. It contains both EPA and DHA, which means that salmon can be produced completely without the use of fish feed in the feed.

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Omega-3 from Algae

The algae oil is produced by Veramaris, an American company that uses locally sourced sugar in its fermentation process. Until recently, the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA added to animal feed have been almost exclusively from marine sources. With the help of natural marine algae, Veramaris contributes to closing the supply-demand gap for omega-3 EPA and DHA, while helping to conserve marine life and biodiversity in the oceans.

Healthier Salmon

Lingalaks is a family run business, managed by the firstborn son, Erlend Haugarvoll, who has adopted the algae-based salmon feed.

“Omega-3 from natural seaweed makes it possible to produce healthier and better salmon in a sustainable way. It gives us a unique opportunity to differentiate ourselves in a market with fierce competition. Sustainability is central to us. Early on, we found partners along the value chain that also have sustainability high on the agenda”, Haugarvoll states, in a recent press release.

Since October 2018, Lingalaks has fed 50 percent of its salmon with feed that has reduced fish content and Vermaris’ high algae oil. Skretting has produced the feed for Lingalaks. The salmon that has received the new feed will be sold through the Kaufland store chain.

Groundbreaking Innovation

The Nebraskan plant, is owned by Veramaris, which is a joint venture between Royal DSM and Evonik. The facility costs around $200 million, and the company states that it will be ready to produce commercial quantities from mid-2019.

The algae oil from Veramaris is a new and groundbreaking innovation that provides better and more sustainable aquaculture. The algae oil is rich in both the essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.

“Our algal oil is the response to the industry’s call for a sustainable source of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. The known provenance of all the raw materials used in our process makes the product fully traceable,” Veramaris CEO Karim Kurmaly said.

100% Fish Free Feed

Skretting has produced the feed Lingalak’s use. As the only feed supplier in the world with the knowledge of producing 100 percent fish-free feed, Skretting is very happy to support Lingalaks. “This breakthrough is not as simple as replacing old ingredients, it has taken several years of research”, says Mads Martinsen, director of product development in Skretting.

It is claimed that the algae oil from Veramaris is the only commercial source of omega-3 that does not come from fish. “One ton of algae oil contains as much omega-3 as 60 tonnes of wild fish”, the companies say.

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