EU pledges €300 million: Save our oceans

EU-funding commitment


A wave of plastic

(BRUSSELS) -The EU Commission announced €300m of EU-funded initiatives Monday, including projects to tackle plastic pollution, to make the blue economy more sustainable and improve research and marine surveillance.


Attending the ‘Our Ocean’ conference in Bali, Indonesia the European Union made 23 new commitments, adding to the €550 million it committed at the conference in Malta last year.

“We have to urgently reduce marine litter and other sources of pollution, halt illegal fishing and support fragile marine ecosystems,” said Maritime Affairs Commissioner Karmenu Vella: “We have to develop our blue economy – create sustainable jobs and growth – supported by cutting-edge research and new technologies.”


Funding the Blue Economy

During this year’s conference, the EU has made 23 new commitments for improving the condition of our oceans and tapping their potential. These include €100 million for Research and Development (R&D) projects to tackle plastic pollution and €82 million for marine and maritime research, such as ecosystem assessments, seafloor mapping, and innovative aquaculture systems. The new EU action also includes a €18.4 million investment to make the European blue economy – the economic sectors that rely on the ocean and its resources – more sustainable.

The ‘Copernicus’ initiative

The EU’s showpiece Earth observation programme Copernicus features prominently in the list of new commitments. The programme’s support will be enlarged with another €12.9 million for maritime security and for research dedicated to coastal environmental services, in addition to the €27 million Copernicus funds devoted at Our Ocean 2017 conference. With its Maritime Surveillance System, Copernicus has significantly underpinned the EU commitments to reinforce maritime security and law enforcement.

Fighting against plastic pollution

The EU is taking action at home but also internationally. As one of the commitments, the European Commission is joining forces with the United Nations Environment Programme and other international partners to launch a coalition of aquariums to fight plastic pollution. Marine litter in South-East Asia, notably China, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, will be fought with a €9 million EU-funded project. Another €7 million will go towards protection of marine ecosystems in the region.
Every year, the Our Ocean conference takes place attracting tangible commitments from governments, companies and non-governmental organisations. Previous conferences, hosted by the governments of Malta (2017), the United States (2014, 2016) and Chile (2015), have seen a wide range of commitments and billions of euros pledged.

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