China to accelerate ‘green’ aquaculture development

China plans to promote the green development of its aquaculture industry and produce more eco-friendly aquatic products, in a recent report, citing the Agriculture Ministry.

Chinese aquaculture farmer

More than 98% of the aquatic products will meet market standards by 2022, while ecological demonstrative zones are expected to account for 65% of the total aquaculture areas, said the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

To achieve such targets, 10 governmental departments including the agricultural ministry have unveiled guidelines on green development, vowing to build more demonstrative zones and advance ecological prevention of aquatic animal diseases.

While strengthening the planning of waters and shoals for aquaculture, China will make efforts to optimize the industrial structure and encourage deep-sea aquaculture, according to the guideline.

The guideline also stressed the country will improve the management of aquaculture waste and maximize the industry’s role in ecological restoration.

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