Canadian government to revamp aquaculture sector

The Canadian government is restructuring how it deals with the aquaculture industry in an attempt to bring more economic returns and environmental sustainability to the sector.

Fisheries Minister Jonathan Wilkinson laid out the new approach to the sector on Monday, including creating a single comprehensive set of regulations to clarify how aquaculture is run in Canada.

The department is also ordering a study on alternative aquaculture technologies to inform development of the industry, to be carried out with Sustainable Development Technology Canada and the province of British Columbia.

Other aspects of the renewed approach include developing a risk management framework and moving towards area-based management plans to take regional environmental concerns into account.

The details follow last week’s announcement of plans to develop a federal Aquaculture Act, as discussed at the Canadian Council for Fisheries and Aquaculture Ministers meeting in St. John’s.

Julie Gelfand who issued a report on environmental concerns

Federal environment commissioner Julie Gelfand issued a report earlier this year calling for better monitoring and more detailed scientific study of the industry’s effects on wild fish.

In a recent presentation by Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans it was stated that Canada ranks fourth among salmon-producing countries in the world, behind Norway, Chile and the United Kingdom, and 26th in total aquaculture production, behind China, Indonesia, India and Vietnam.

Aquaculture represents about a third of Canada’s total seafood value and 20% of its production. Officials have said that without further aquaculture production, there will be a 40m metric ton seafood shortage globally by 2030.

Source: Global News

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