Blumar and Orizon mussel producers merger

Blumar St. Andrews Half Blueshell Mussels
Blumar St. Andrews Half Blueshell Mussels

The merger of Blumar’s St Andrews and Orizon will create 50,000t per year for the Chilean mussel producers.

The two Chilean mussel producers, report that they are merging their operations in the Los Lagos region to create a combined business that harvests 50,000 metric tons per year of mussels.

The companies say the merger will help foster sustainability in the region and capitalise on the “synergy of experience, knowledge and operational strengths”.

Following the merger, the Chilean capital investment fund A5 Capital and Blumar will each be 40% owners, while Orizon will continue to own 20% of the business.

In a press release statement, Soames Flowerree, general manager of St. Andrews states, “The objective of this merger is to strengthen the mussel business in the world, to make our company more competitive in the global markets in terms of efficiency and also commerce. Now we have more resources to make efforts in sales and marketing to achieve the position we are looking for”.

Flowerree added that “mussels are the second-largest aquaculture product in Chile, after salmon”.

“Having a financially sound company, with investment capacity and long-term vocation, will also benefit the Los Lagos Region, as it is a labor-intensive industry, which will generate jobs and strengthen the area as the largest producer of this species in the country,” he said.

Back in 2017, St. Andrews positioned itself as the largest mussel producer in the world — then at 16,000t. It was planning an expansion to 25,000t by 2020. At present, St. Andrews claims to be producing over 30,000t.

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