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Aquaculture Sustainability and Environment

Skretting and Cargill collaboration on transport

By AquacultureList | February 12, 2019
Eidsvaag Pioner, Norway

In a press release by Eidsvaag AS, the fish feed producers Cargill and Skretting will collaborate on the transport of fish feed in Norway under the name Fjordfrende. Ship Mates: Fjordfendes Instead of a ship with Cargill’s EWOS lining sailing right behind a ship Skretting ‐ feed along the Norwegian coast, will now feed from…

MSP’s call for moratoriums on new fish farms

By AquacultureList | February 6, 2019
Loch Ainort Isle Of Skye Marine Harvest

The Scottish Greens have called for a moratorium on new fish farms until the industry deals with environmental concerns, ahead of a Scottish Parliament debate later today, reported in Holyrood. Warnings of “irrecoverable damage” With a recent report from the Scottish Parliament’s Environment Committee warning the aquaculture industry would cause “irrecoverable damage” to the marine…

Irish start-up set to take off with insect farming

By AquacultureList | February 4, 2019
Lab technician with flask in hand

In a report by The Irish Times, Hexafly, an Irish biotech start-up that has developed a new method of sustainable insect farming, is seeking to raise €10 million later this year to build a new production facility in Ashbourne, Co Meath. Fund Raising, Job Making, Award Winning The company, which has just closed a €1.1…

Queensland to develop more aquaculture sites

By Victoria Rose | January 31, 2019
Sleeper Log Creek, Queensland

The Australian Government has declared two Rockhampton region sites as prime targets to play a part in Queensland’s booming aquaculture industry, in a media statement published yesterday. Investment, Jobs and Growth Member for Rockhampton Barry O’Rourke said the announcement included more than 3700 hectares of land in the Rockhampton region. “Including sites at Casuarina Creek…

‘Food Shocks’ impact on sea-based aquaculture

By Victoria Rose | January 30, 2019
Aquaculture farms suffer "food shocks"

Researchers at The University of Tasmania released a report on Monday, stating that, “trade-dependent countries must find ways to store food in preparation for inevitable shocks elsewhere”. Shock Frequency “Food shocks, or sudden losses of crops, livestock or fish, due to the combination extreme weather conditions and geopolitical events like war, increased from 1961 to…

New brand of salmon for a ‘resource-strained world’

By Victoria Rose | January 30, 2019
Atlantic salmon

In a report by FoodBev Media, a new brand of Atlantic salmon is striving to establish a new path for sustainable fishing, as pressure on companies continues to grow to achieve MSC-certification. Premium Salmon Products Pure Salmon will offer a range of premium products, starting this spring with smoked salmon. The company has pledged to be…

NaturalShrimp avoid major environmental issues

By Victoria Rose | January 29, 2019
Food background, frozen cooked shrimp with ice, black background

By growing fresh, gourmet-grade shrimp in an indoor environment, NaturalShrimp, Inc. is avoiding significant environmental problems that have plagued other means to grow and harvest shrimp. Patented Technology Protects the Shrimp NaturalShrimp is producing shrimp economically in an indoor all-natural environment that can be replicated anywhere in the world. Developed with F&T Water Solutions, its…

Innovative algal oil developed for salmon feed

By AquacultureList | January 29, 2019
Lingalaks LED lighting in the cages

Lingalaks have used a new algae oil in their salmon feed. It contains both EPA and DHA, which means that salmon can be produced completely without the use of fish feed in the feed. Omega-3 from Algae The algae oil is produced by Veramaris, an American company that uses locally sourced sugar in its fermentation…

Japanese algae: First to recieve ASC-MSC certs

By Victoria Rose | January 23, 2019
euglena Co algae farm, Tokyo

An article written by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council reported today that a Japanese algae farm has become the first in the world to attain certification to the new ASC-MSC Seaweed (Algae) Standard. The euglena Co. produce microalgae products and have applications ranging from health food and cosmetics to biofuels. Microalgae = Micro Impact euglena Co.…

Aqua Bridge to transform fish farming in UAE

By Victoria Rose | January 21, 2019
Aquaculture net

A report in the Gulf News, states the increased demand for fish as a rich source of protein over the years has resulted in significant depletion of fish stocks in the UAE. A nation that prides itself on its coastal heritage, fishing is a deeply embedded tradition in the UAE’s culture. Sustainable Aquaculture in the…