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Aquaculture Sustainability and Environment

Ecuadorian initiative for sustainable shrimp production

By AquacultureList | March 28, 2019

A year ago, a proposal was presented for the sustainable production of “Made in Ecuador” shrimp. Many ideas have emerged for sustainable production and consumption. These have been reflected in initiatives such as the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI), focused on offering a healthy and sustainable source of protein for the population’s diet, minimising the impacts…

Nireus partnership, Med farms on track for ASC

By AquacultureList | March 22, 2019
Nireus Aquaculture sea bass fish and logo

Partnership between Nireus Aquaculture, the Greek retailer ΑB Vassilopoulos and WWF Greece will see three of Nireus’ Aquaculture farms become the first to gain the new Mediterranean farmed species certification from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) first launched in launched in September 20, 2018) The collaboration will work together to improve management practices at three…

CtrlAQUA research the future of salmon production

By AquacultureList | March 22, 2019
Senterleder for CtrlAQUA, Åsa Espmark i Nofimas resirkuleringsanlegg på Sunndalsøra.

With traditional, inshore net-pens likely to be phased out over time, the development of a combination of closed-containment and offshore aquaculture systems is required to ensure the salmon farming sector remains viable in the long-term. Nofima’s Åsa Espmark, who is director of CtrlAQUA, a centre for research-driven innovation in closed-containment farming systems, and Sintef’s Hans…

Grieg Seafood Shetland back in SSPO fold

By AquacultureList | March 18, 2019
Grieg Seafood logo

All Scotland’s salmon farmers are now represented by the industry body following the re-admittance of Grieg Seafood Shetland, it was announced today. In a letter to Rural Economy minister Fergus Ewing, the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO) confirmed that the company, which was expelled from the SSPO in 2014 following a dispute over smolt imports,…

China to accelerate ‘green’ aquaculture development

By AquacultureList | March 13, 2019
Chinese fish farmers

China plans to promote the green development of its aquaculture industry and produce more eco-friendly aquatic products, in a recent report, citing the Agriculture Ministry. More than 98% of the aquatic products will meet market standards by 2022, while ecological demonstrative zones are expected to account for 65% of the total aquaculture areas, said the…

First tuna hatchery planned for U.S

By AquacultureList | March 12, 2019
Bluefin tuna

US firm Ichthus Unlimited reveals plans to construct what will be the first tuna hatchery in North America in the San Diego Bay area. This will be the third of its kind in the world. A new grant from the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) and ongoing support from the Illinois Soybean Association…

Veramaris success at ‘Laks for Life’ Luncheon

By AquacultureList | March 12, 2019
Veramaris team at NASF 2019

Bringing the value chain around one table, literally: Veramaris successfully completed its presence at the North Atlantic Seafood Forum 2019 in Norway with hosting the ‘Laks for Lif‘-Luncheon. The North Atlantic Seafood Forum is the world’s largest seafood business conference which in its 14th year once again proved its significance among seafood stakeholders. For Veramaris,…

StofnFiskur: Sexless Farmed Salmon

By AquacultureList | February 18, 2019
Salmon eggs StofnFiskur

The Marine and Freshwater Institute is attempting to breed a new kind of farmed salmon, that is, one without any sex. Prevention Methods Iceland Review reports that the idea behind this is to prevent farmed salmon from becoming sexually mature and thus being able to spawn with the naturally occurring local salmon population. If this…

Gene-ius: ‘AquaLeap’ selective breeding project

By AquacultureList | February 16, 2019
bbsrc company logo on featured article post aquaculturelist.com

In January of this year, a 3-year project on selective breeding called ‘AquaLeap’ was initiated, as part of the BBSRC and NERC UK Aquaculture Initiative. The project focuses entirely on genetics and breeding, specifically within the UK sector. The researchers behind the study are from the University of Stirling and over the next 3 years…

Innovations in Fish and Shrimp Feed

By AquacultureList | February 13, 2019
Skretting Logo listed on aquaculturelist.com

Skretting’s Aquaculture Research Centre’s ultimate goal is to see research implemented into innovative and sustainable solutions for the aquaculture industry, whether in the form of products, methodologies or manufacturing improvements. PL provides essential high-quality nutrition for the first feeding stage of larval and post-larval shrimp through to nursery transfer, enabling hatcheries to produce robust, healthy…