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New ROV powered by BRIDGE technology from Deep Trekker

By AquacultureList | April 6, 2019

Canadian manufacturer of ROV’s Deep Trekker announces the official launch of the DTG3 and the introduction of BRIDGE technology. BRIDGE technology is comprised of custom hardware, software and integration, developed in response to a growing market demand. Utilizing the latest in technology, this platform will become the base for future products, new and advanced features and third-party integrations…

The Scottish Salmon Company launches new feed barge

By AquacultureList | March 30, 2019
The Scottish Salmon Company SeaMate 400 tonne feedbarge built by Gael Force

The Scottish Salmon Company (SSC) has launched a new state-of-the-art SeaMate feed barge and office at Portree, following an increase in capacity of 2,000 tonnes earlier this year. SSC is the leading producer of Scottish Salmon, employing nearly 600 people across 60 sites on the West Coast of Scotland and the Hebrides. The newly finished…

Canadian biotech company focuses on fish health

By AquacultureList | March 18, 2019
RPS Biologiques

A healthy fishing industry in Atlantic Canada is crucial for a strong economy. Stakeholders within the aquaculture industry are working to find ways to ensure a safe and sustainable supply of seafood that will uphold the region’s reputation as a premier aquaculture provider. Charlottetown-based RPS Biologiques Inc. is playing an important role as it works…

Ace Aquatec exhibit ‘stunning fish’

By AquacultureList | March 15, 2019
Ace Aquatec logo

DUNDEE firm Ace Aquatec is exhibiting at the Boston seafood show for the first time to tap into potential new market opportunities in the US and Canada. Mike Forbes, head of sales and marketing, who is heading to the expo this weekend, said there had been growing interest in North America for its award-winning electric…

US Laser-guided oyster processing system unveiled

By AquacultureList | March 13, 2019
Sorting oysters at Hoopers Island Oyster Company

Hoopers Island Oyster Co has unveiled Pearlception 2.0, the first high-speed, laser-guided oyster processing system designed and built in the US. Hoopers Island second-generation model was developed in collaboration with Backbone Mechanical Design with lead engineer Richard Jiranek and manufactured at Hoopers Island Cambridge headquarters under the direction of master equipment fabricator John Tall. Pearlception…

SmartCare: New feed for BioMar Chile, hoping for success

By AquacultureList | March 8, 2019
BioMar Chile article on Smartcare

Starting this month in Chile, BioMar is promoting its new nutritional solution for feeding fish: SmartCare. According to the press release, “this is a comprehensive health strategy that, through food research and development, collaboration with the health team and technical team support, provides the opportunity to grow more robust fish in the face of specific…

BioMar: AlgaPrime™ DHA is Improving Omega-3 Content

By AquacultureList | March 6, 2019
BioMar logo

BioMar has produced and sold over 350,000 tons of feed containing AlgaPrime™ DHA in Norway over the past two years. Corbion, the global market leader in algae-based food ingredients and BioMar, the leading innovator in sustainable aquaculture feeds, announced today at the North Atlantic Seafood Forum that over 350,000 tons of fish feed with AlgaPrime™…

Aqua-Spark invests in Norwegian feed-tech company

By AquacultureList | October 21, 2018

Aqua-Spark, sustainable aquaculture investors, have invested in a Norwegian software and hardware developer focused on improving feed management. An Aqua-Spark investment of an undisclosed amount has been injected into CageEye, a company best known for its echo-sounder technology, which uses acoustic data and machine learning to measure and analyze biomass movements. The Norway-based company will…

Company Spotlight ‘SeaDrone’ The New Micro ROV Standard

By AquacultureList | September 28, 2018
SeaDrone ROV

Offshore aquaculture is considered a very dangerous and strenuous occupation. Subsea inspections are currently one of the most frequent aquaculture operations. A tear in a net can cause a farm to lose its fish stock which directly affects its bottom line. Farms are sanctioned by regulatory agencies and insurance companies for fish escapes. Farms are…