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SalMar offer to acquire remaining shares for Arnarlax

By AquacultureList | March 16, 2019
Arnarlax fresh salmon

SalMar agrees on share purchase that’ll give it a majority stake in Icelandic fish farmer Arnarlax. On February 14 this year, SalMar announced that it would buy out the rest of Iceland’s largest salmon farm, Arnarlax. In a financial statement posted on Wednesday morning, SalMar wrote that it had triggered a mandatory offer clause in…

Norwegian cod farming industry steps up

By AquacultureList | March 15, 2019

Øyvind J Hansen has been involved in farming cod since Nofima first spawned them in captivity in 2003 and believes that the fifth captive-grown generation is showing considerable promise. “At least the biology indicates that we are now ready to take a step further and increase the volume of farmed cod,” he says. Since 2003…

Scottish Sea Farms invest £3m to equip salmon site

By AquacultureList | March 14, 2019
Workboat at the Salmon Sea Farms site at Westerbister, Orkney.

Salmon farmer Scottish Sea Farms (SSF) has revealed that it is to spend more than £3 million with suppliers throughout Scotland as it prepares to open its forthcoming new salmon farm off Lober Rock in the Scapa Flow, Orkney. The investment includes a 200-tonne steel feed barge which will be the first to be built…

Thai Union seafood giant partner with Alibaba

By AquacultureList | March 13, 2019

Thai Union Group has signed an agreement with Shanghai Win-Chain Supply Chain Management Co. to become strategic partners in supplying Thai Union’s seafood products to the Chinese market, both online and offline. Win-Chain agreed to connect Thai Union to Alibaba Group’s “ecosystem of retail and food service channels”, in addition to helping the Thai conglomerate…

Sea Harvest grow significant asset base

By Victoria Rose | March 12, 2019
Sea Harvest site Saldanha Bay

Over the past financial year, South Africa’s Sea Harvest Group has grown its asset base significantly from ZAR 2.6 billion ($182 million) to ZAR 4.85bn, a figure which the company has said is in line with its organic and acquisitive growth strategy. During 2018, the fishing group announced the acquisitions of Viking Fishing and Viking…

Blumar and Orizon mussel producers merger

By AquacultureList | March 12, 2019
Orizon mussels

The merger of Blumar’s St Andrews and Orizon will create 50,000t per year for the Chilean mussel producers. The two Chilean mussel producers, report that they are merging their operations in the Los Lagos region to create a combined business that harvests 50,000 metric tons per year of mussels. The companies say the merger will…

New all-time high valuation for Mowi

By AquacultureList | March 11, 2019
MOWI Scotland

The world’s largest and most valuable salmon farming company rises to new heights. Mowi has climbed at its highest level ever, just after stock market opening Monday morning. The share was last traded at NOK 209.60 (EUR 2.14). This means a market capitalisation of EUR 11 billion. According to Pareto Securities, Mowi will be able…

Nova Austral acquire Stengel salmon sites

By AquacultureList | March 11, 2019
Nova Austral

Nova Austral adds four new farming licenses in the Magallanes. In a report, Nova Austral expects to produce over 30,000 tonnes – doubling its Magallanes production. The sites include one in the Beagle Channel, which they do not intend to occupy, and another three in the Picton Pass. The Chilean salmon farmer and processor is…

AquaBounty AquAdvantage® gets go ahead

By AquacultureList | March 11, 2019
Aquabounty: AquAdvantage salmon

AquaBounty Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AQB) an biotechnology company focused on enhancing productivity in the aquaculture market and a majority-owned subsidiary of Intrexon Corporation, has announced, in a press release, that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has lifted the import alert, allowing the company to start farming AquAdvantage® Salmon in Indiana. Sylvia Wulf, Chief…

Salmones Camanchaca’s profits up 86 percent

By AquacultureList | March 5, 2019
Salmones Camanchaca, Chile

Higher volumes and better efficiency support formidable stock market growth. Salmones Camanchaca’s listing last spring marked the first Chilean fish farmer to be listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Its listing has been a great success. The share price has risen by 85 percent in one year. The exchange commenced on Monday evening the results…